Waste Water

Wastewater produced as a by-product of industrial or manufacturing processes is often out-with discharge consents and as such cannot be allowed to flow to drain without further treatment. Barr + Wray have designed and installed numerous specialist treatment plants of varying sizes and specialities including:

  • pH correction systems
  • Fats/oils/grease removal systems
  • Heavy metals removal systems
  • Solids separation/settlement systems
  • Flow attenuation systems
  • Flocculants
  • Coagulants
  • Antifoams

The Water Solutions division has experience in designing, building and commissioning treatment systems which provide low power, low maintenance solutions which ensure compliance with the regulatory authorities and help companies avoid fines, enforcement notices and adverse publicity.

Each wastewater is unique and identification of source and composition is essential to design. Therefore, we also have the capacity to carry out full site surveys to ascertain the root cause of wastewater related issues and inform plant design. In addition, we can conduct scale site trials of our plant deigns via our mobile Environmental Test Unit to verify consent limits are being met before full installation is undertaken.

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