Fats, Greases + Oils removal

Fats, oils and grease (FOG) in liquid form may not appear to be harmful but when disposed of into the drainage system they mix with food and other sanitary waste, congeal and harden in the pipe. Over time this grows to form blockages.

Using detergents or bleach may have some impact on clearing grease and other debris from the pipework beneath the kitchen sink, but these chemicals have little impact when they become naturally diluted in the sewer network. The use of food waste macerators only makes things worse in our sewers by grinding up waste food, including any fats, and releasing it into the drainage network.

The removal or disposal by other routes can help reduce the effect on the environment and the cost associated with FOG clean up. The FOG can be removed mechanically by skimming the material off the top of the effluent.

Companies can use grease traps to reduce build up in sewers.

Sites can also use “bacteria” socks which digest/breakdown the FOG over time

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