Potable Water

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Groundwater / Borehole Treatment
Water abstracted from underground springs or wells usually requires treatment prior to use as potable water.

Treatment often includes aeration and the removal of impurities such as Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulphide.

Surface Water Treatment
Water taken from rivers, streams, lochs, lakes, reservoirs, seas and oceans will require treatment prior to use as potable water.

At B+W we can design a treatment system to treat suitable boreholes, wells and springs to produce abundant quantities of fresh, quality water for use as domestic drinking or industrial process water.

Each of our systems will produce wholesome water complying with the current private or public water supply regulations.

Where required we can offer detailed analysis of the water quality envelope, to determine the most appropriate treatment system to produce the highest quality potable water our clients require.

We have extensive experience in the design, supply and installation of groundwater treatment systems and have successfully installed treatment plants for many clients including those working in brewing +distilling, hotels, abattoirs, sports centres, bottled water processing, MOD, agricultural, aquaculture and private dwellings, to name a few.

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