Colour removal

Colour in water supplies, particularly in rural areas is often caused by natural organic matter (NOM).

This NOM contamination of surface water sources for potable water supplies is an issue for many organisations for a number of reasons including the potentially carcinogenic disinfection by-products (THM’s) in addition to negative customer perceptions of coloured water.

At B+W our Water Treatment division has developed a system to remove NOM contamination utilising ion exchange resins to tackle this colour issue in water.

This system utilises a strong base anion resin, which specifically targets the naturally occurring dissolved organics in water.

The hardware and the resins are approved under Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations and are also WRAS approved for use in public water supplies.

With three resins on offer, each displaying benefits relating to different types of contamination, we are confident a solution can be engineered for almost any surface source we encounter.

The specific resins chosen for your application will be contained within a bespoke vessel supplied complete with all ancillary equipment required, including:

  • Auto-regeneration multi-port valve or actuated valve manifold
  • Vessel internal distribution / collection systems
  • Brine tank
  • Interconnecting pipework
  • Salt tablets

Bespoke Design
Each system we offer is designed utilising a clients’ site-specific water quality envelope, thus ensuring the optimum system design is offered for every potential process requirement.

There are currently a number of B+W Ion Exchange Colour Removal Systems in operation across the country showing colour reduction levels of up to 100%, whilst providing a low maintenance, low capital, low energy consuming solution to colour issues.

Whether you require a complete system or wish to trial the B+W Ion Exchange resin in your existing system please contact our Water Treatment division to discuss your needs and see how we can help meet your water challenges.

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