Site Pilot Trials

B+W's Environmental Testing Unit (ETU) is a self-contained mobile testing facility designed to assist in the selection of appropriate treatment regimes for a diverse range of water and wastewater applications. All equipment is mounted within a 10ft x 6ft road trailer to provide an easily transportable and convenient test facility. This multipurpose unit consists of aeration, multi-media filtration, pH control, softener, reverse osmosis and ultra-violet disinfection. Flow rate through the ETU plant can be controlled between 100-400 litres per hour.

This pilot facility has been cleverly designed to be flexible and can be used for many applications including borehole water, wastewater treatment and recovery, rainwater harvesting and treatment of surface water.

The ETU has the capability to perform a number of treatment processes including:

  • Reduction in turbidity and suspended solids.
  • Removal of iron and manganese.
  • Removal of ammonia and barium.
  • Water softening.
  • Disinfection.
  • pH correction.
  • Removal of colour and organics.
  • Reduction in conductivity and total dissolved solids.

Information obtained from the ETU pilot trials allows us to offer proven and guaranteed solutions for unique treatment requirements.

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