UV Disinfection

B+W are the sole distributors in Scotland for Hanovia , a leader in UV system manufacturing, based in the UK for over 90 years.

UV Technology
UV light is low wavelength electromagnetic radiation, below lights visible spectrum. For disinfection purposes we often refer to UVC and the most useful wavelengths are between 200nm and 280nm. 
It works by breaking the hydrogen bond linking the adenine and thymine pair in a pathogens DNA, which stops the pathogen from replicating. Once the pathogen has been inactivated by UV light it cannot replicate and has a typical life of only a few minutes thus rendering it harmless.  The level of a pathogens inactivation depends on the UV dose applied and the pathogens susceptibility to this dose.  Dose is measured as UV intensity x exposure time.

Types of Lamp
Almost all commercial industrial and municipal UV disinfection systems use mercury vapour lamps to produce UV light for disinfection.  There are basically two types of UV lamps available:
  - Low Pressure lamps producing monochromatic light at 254nm
  - Medium Pressure lamps producing polychromatic light between 200 and 300 nm.

UV systems can be supplied for a number of application, including:
 - De-ozonation
 - Disinfection in Brine
 - Disinfection in Sugar Syrup
 - General disinfection
 - Performance Qualified disinfection

B+W supply a range of UV systems, including low and medium pressure units, each specifically selected to suit a clients' requirements.  Prior to offering a system to our customers we will arrange a check on the the transmissivity of the water, which enables us to offer any pre-treatment that may be required, thus ensuring optimum performance of a the UV unit we offer.

Unlike many other companies we don't select a UV system simply based on the flow of a system. We always ensure that the water quality at a customer site is taken into consideration before we consider any options, ensuring our clients system adequately treats their water.

Contact us for further information or to discuss your UV requirements.  

UV Light Benefits

  • Requires no chemicals
  • Leaves no taint or taste in the liquid
  • Can be more efficient than chlorine
  • Cheaper than ozone
  • Effective against bacteria, moulds, spores and viruses
  • Effective against chlorine resistant species, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia

Range of Systems

  • Capacities from <1 to >1,,000m3/hr
  • Water qualities from <30% – 100% transmittance
  • High solids tolerance.
  • From pure water to high BRIX syrups.
  • Industrial and UPW systems including full hygienic systems
  • Axial flow “U” shape chamber (top in / top out)
  • Axial flow “S” shape chamber (bottom in / top out)
  • Axial flow “L” shape chamber (front in / top out)
  • Cross flow chamber
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