Seepex - Macerator Pumps

Seepex macerator pumps macerate solid and fibrous materials within pumped product.  This increases operational safety, extends service life of any downstream equipment, and reduces operating costs. These macerators are suitable for municipal and industrial waste water sectors as well as industrial applications.

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I - Range

  • In-line design - Direct attachment to the seepex pump or in-line compact pipeline
  • Flowrate: 2m3/hr - 150m3/hr
  • Has integrated heavy solids collection separator with 2 large clean-out openings.
  • Three inlet position options for product intake
  • Controlled macerating
  • Easy maintenance

U - Range

  • Universal Design - Installation either on a vertical pipeline or supply tank with direct connection to Seepex pump.
  • Flowrate: 2m3/hr - 150m3/hr
  • Product inlet from below
  • Controlled macerating
  • Easy maintenance.

Features + Benefits

  • Flow Rate: 2m3/hr - 150m3/hr
  • Controlled macerating - variable output speeds + shear plates with different sized openings
  • Easy maintenance - simple replacement of entire cutterhead assembly(cartridge)
  • Maceration amount adjustable by flowrate, output speed and shear plate design
  • Lower energy consumption compared to alternative macerating technologies
  • Two ranges (I and U) with two sizes each


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