Seepex - CS Range Food Pump

Seepex food pumps are used in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industries or wherever a clean, sterile and hygienic atmosphere is required. They comply with the most stringent hygiene regulations including; FDA, 3-A Sanitary Standards and EHEDG.

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Key Facts

  • Conveying Capacity 30 Litres/H - 130 m3/H
  • Pressure: Up to 24 bar

Features + Benefits

  • High product safety - stator material + secondary seals are FDA approved
  • CIP (Clean In Place) - with high velocity flow in the suction casing
  • US 3-A Sanitary Standards and EHEDG compliance
  • Particularly easy to maintain due to easy-to-assemble joints along with the plug-in connection between the rotating unit and drive
  • No special tools needed for assembly/disassembly
  • Optimized, dead-space-free pump casing prevents product build-up
  • High-quality casing surfaces and the rotating internal parts ensure residue-free cleaning
  • Multiple mechanical seal options ensure hygienic shaft sealing
  • SIP (Sterilization In Place) with superheated steam


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