Seepex - N Range

N - Standard Pump

  • For low to high viscous media or without solids
  • Universal drive configuration through a flexible coupling or V-belt
  • Drive casing and free bare shaft included
  • Drive shaft mounted in tapered roller bearings that can be lubricated
  • Easy to maintain due to plug in connection
  • Easy to replace worn parts without dismantling the bearing unit

BN Range

  • For low to high viscous media or without solids
  • Short compact design with directly flange mounted drive (block type)
  • Enhanced combination of options:  The block design is available in all sizes and pressure stages
  • This low cost due to removal of the bearing frame, flexible coupling and common base plate
  • Easy maintained due to the plug in connection between rotating unit and drive
  • Separate pump bearing is omitted.
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Key Facts

  • Conveying Capacity: 30 Litres/H - 500 m3/H
  • Pressure: Up to 48 bar

Features + Benefits

  • Various rotor/stator geometries - conventional, 6L and Tricam geometry
  • Low pulsation / uniform flow
  • High self-priming capabilities even with a mix of liquid & air/gas up to a 9 m water column
  • Numerous installation options
  • Large spherical entrance port
  • Reversible rotation and flow


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