Seepex manufacture progressive cavity pumps for many applications including API 676 applications within the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries. 

Seepex pumps exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Low shear forces
  • Self-priming pumps, no gas locking on products with a high gas yield and solids content
  • Extremely low NPSH values
  • Processes highly viscous fluids
  • Constant flow rate over varying discharge heads
  • Pump capacity can be changed eliminating flow control valves
  • High operational safety
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Designed in accordance with API 676
  • Mechanical seals to API 676

The Seepex API 676 design pumps include the N-standard and E- semi submersible range of pumps

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N Standard Range

  • For Low to highly viscous media with or without solids
  • Conveying Capacity: 30l/hr to 500m3/hr
  • Pressure: Up to 48 Bar
  • Low Pulsation, uniform flow
  • High self-priming capabilities

E- Semi Submersible Range

  • Convey abrasive or corrosive products, with low to high viscosity
  • Conveying Capacity: 30l/hr to 300m3/hr.
  • Pressure: Up to 12 Bar.
  • Low pulsation, uniform flow.
  • Various submersible depths.
  • Increases available NPSH.
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