Solids handling pumps

The Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller is able to pass solids and handle rags and fibrous material whilst at the same time avoiding compromising the hydraulic design. This impeller design offers many benefits including low shear, and a relatively steep, stable performance curve.

The range includes submersible / immersible pumps in standard or ATEX construction, end suction pumps for horizontal or vertical mounting and portable self priming pumps with electric or diesel engine drives with wet ends.  Pumps are available in a variety of materials and configurations suited to a clients requirements. 

Of particular interest to the water and waste industry is the PreroClean self-Cleaning Sump, which removes floating and settled solids at the end of every pumping cycle and the Prerostal™ flow matching system that matches outflow to inflow without the need for variable speed drives.  

Other popular solutions based on the screw centrifugal pump include Hidrostal’s VO² Venturi aeration systems and tank/digester mixing systems.

 - Excellent solids handling
 - Gentle handling
 - Low shear
 - Pumping viscous liquids

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The Range includes

  • End Suction - Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Dry Well Submersible
  • Submersible - Guide rail mounted, free standing and portable units
  • Fish Friendly - ultra low shear
  • Food


  • Diesel Driven
  • ​Self Priming
  • ​Axial Flow
  • ​Prerostal
  • HidroMix - Tank Mixing systems
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