ITT Goulds

Lined Pumps

Lined pumps are particularly effective for handling a variety of difficult fluids, such as hydrochloric acid and other aggressive chemicals.  An excellent, economic alternative to high alloy pumps.

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The range includes:

  • Model 3198 - PFA Teflon® Lined
  • Model 3298 - Tefzel® ETFE Lined Magnetic Drive
  • Model 3299 - PFA Teflon® Lined Magnetic Drive


  • Model SP 3298 - Tefzel® ETFE Lined Self Priming Magnetic Drive
  • ​Model V 3298 - Tefzel® ETFE Lined Vertical Magnetic Drive Pump
  • ​SRL Series - Lined Slurry Pump
  • Model VRS - Lined vertical cantilever slurry pump
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