SCE- M Horizontal Overhung Mag Drive (API 685)

A permanent magnetically driven horizontal process (OH2) single stage pump, according to API 685 latest edition for petroleum, petrochemical, heavy-duty chemical, gas industry and power plants.

The SCE-M is based on the worldwide proven hydraulic design of the SCE according to API 610 latest Edition.

It is a permanent magnetic drive, single stage, over hung pump, built in accordance with the latest edition of API 685.  As a 100% leakage free pump the SCE-M avoids high maintenance costs and usage of mechanical seals. 

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  • Magnetic Driven.
  • Horizontal overhung, Single Stage.
  • Radially Split.
  • Centerline Mounted.
  • End-Top nozzle arrangement.
  • Single suction impeller.
  • Axial thrust balance.

Design Features

  • Materials of construction per API 685. Other materials on request.
  • Heavy duty process design according to API 685 latest edition.
  • Ring Oil Lubrication. Other methods of lubrication available.
  • Replaceable front and back wear rings for casing and impeller.
  • Journal bearings made of silicon carbide (SSiC).
  • Inducers for low NPSH available.
  • Ceramic insulation and thermal barrier.
  • 100% leakage free containment shell, self vented and fully drainable.
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