Plastic Housings

The SupaChange assembly consists of a disposable cartridge and housing bowl. This can help minimise product loss and operator exposure. It is fast, simple and easy to use and the entire change-out can be done in less than a minute. SupaChange assemblies are available for either 10” or 20” length filters.

The 26 Series is specifically designed to provide a low cost housing for bag filters. The housings are manufactured from polypropylene and available in 2 sizes to accommodate single or double length bags manufactured with an industry standard 7” diameter ring.
The 27 Series housings are fabricated in polypropylene and are designed to hold multi-stacks of filter cartridges. This range of housings are suitable for 3, 5, 10 or 15 stacks of filters up to 40” in length. This range offers additional flexibility by accepting either single open ended or double opened cartridges of 2.5” diameter.
The 27 Series GRP housing is particularly suited to the filtration of brackish and seawater. Flow through the cartridge is optimised in ‘out to in’ mode and the robust construction provides a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar and maximum operating temperature of 60º C. The external surface is painted and coated to provide protection from UV light damage.

The 28 Series single cartridge housings are manufactured from polypropylene, ABS and AS materials and available with clear or opaque bowls. The housings are both robust and lightweight and include models suitable for standard 2.5” diameter elements and the higher capacity 4.5” diameter B-Blue cartridges

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