Designed to be used in standard bag filter housings and to provide cost effective filtration for a wide range of applications. The DuoMesh baskets are manufactured from 316L stainless steel mesh, therefore can be cleaned and re-used time and time again. 

DuoMesh basket filters are available in a range of removal ratings from 50 –2000µm so can be used for fine, medium or coarse clarification or as a pre-filter to finer filters downstream.
They are available as single, double or triple length baskets and in different diameters.
We can also supply a range filter housings to suit these DuoMesh baskets, manufactured from a range of metals and in different sizes to suit all flow rates.

Contact us for further information or to discuss your filtration requirements.

Product Features

  • Robust construction in 316L stainless steel
  • Available in single or triple layer mesh providing removal ratings from 50 to 2000µm
  • Can be supplied as single, double or triple length baskets


  • Range of collar sizes available
  • Offered with a handle to aid removal from housing
  • Consistent and reliable performance under a wide range of process conditions


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