DuoLine NM - Monofilament

These Monofilament bags can be used for both pre and final filtration duties and are very well suited to the filtration of solutions with high solids contents such as paints, emulsions and other chemical and coating processes.

DuoLine NM bags are made from nylon monofilament media, woven into a cloth that exhibits high flow capacity and offers selective solid separation.

Available in 3 diameters - 4¼", 5½" and 7” all fitted as standard with a top ring locator in various materials and styles.

All DuoLine NM bags are designed to filter from the inside to out leaving the contamination inside the bag for simple disposal.

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Product Features

  • Nylon Monofilament media, rated between 10 – 1000µm
  • Precision filtration at all ratings


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