SupaPore Nanofibre

SupaPore Nanofibre filters contain a pleated filter media that exhibits a very high level of positive charge under a wide range of process conditions. This provides a cartridge that offers both high flow and removal of ultrafine contaminants such as endotoxins, bacteria, viruses, colloids, heavy metals and hydrocarbons.
The heart of the filter is a nanoalumina and glass microfiber media that delivers >50 millivolts Zeta potential at pH 7.2. This construction also produces a filter media with a very high internal surface area. A sheet of media of 1 m2 has approximately 42,000 m2 internal surface area. Therefore SupaPore Nanofibre filters are a very cost effective method for removing negatively charged contaminants from aqueous solutions and polar solvents.

Typical Applications

SupaPore Nanofibre filters are an alternative to the use of ultrafiltration or very fine sub-micron membrane filters for many applications. The media has passed USP Class VI Plastics testing and meets NSF standards 42 and 53 for potable water, so can be used in both critical and industrial applications. The high level of positive charge allows the use of a relatively open porous structure, providing much higher flow rates when compared to existing technology.

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Typical applications include

  • Removal of endotoxins from purified water and pharmaceutical processes *1
  • Bacterial bioburden reduction and virus removal
  • Purification of drinking water
  • Protection of RO membranes from premature fouling by colloids, organic material, particulates etc
  • Activated carbon fines capture
  • Reduction in levels of heavy metals from waste streams e.g. plating facilities
  • Dissolved trace oil removal
  • Rouge removal in boiler / heat exchanger applications
  • (*1 Not recommended for dialysis applications)

Features + Benefits

  • Relatively open porous structure offering high flow rates and long in-process life times
  • High Zeta potential for effective removal of ultrafine contaminants
  • Enormous internal surface area providing high capacity for contaminant removal
  • Media tested to ensure suitability for critical processes including pharmaceutical applications and potable water
  • Product Validation Guide available on request.
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