SupaPore Halar

SupaPore Halar filters are constructed using Halar fluoropolymer media offering a unique combination of mechanical properties and thermal and chemical resistance. These filters are specifically designed to offer excellent compatibility and effective removal of particulates from solvents, solvent based liquids and ozonated water.

SupaPore Halar filters offer greater compatibility than polypropylene media filters at a cost that is typically lower than PTFE membrane cartridges. The advanced pleated meltblown media used in these filters provides both high flow rates and long life. They are also available with nylon 6 cage, core and end-caps to widen the range of applications SupaPore Halar filters can be used in.

Industries and Applications

The availability of high purity, particulate free solvents is also important to many industries including manufacturers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), fine chemicals and micro-electronics products. Typical applications include:-

 - API / Fine Chemical manufacturing
     - Removal of fine particulates from product streams
     - Clarification of chemicals used for product synthesis
     - Filtration of solvents used for purification of crystallised compounds
 - Microectronics industry
    - Particle removal from chemicals and solvents used for microchip production
 - Water treatment

The use of ozone to control bioburden in purified water systems is increasing and ozonated water can damage standard polypropylene cartridges. SupaPore Halar cartridges are excellent for this application, exhibiting enhanced compatibility for water dosed with ozone. They are also used as vent filters to protect water tanks from particulate contamination.


SupaPore Halar filters offer improved compatibility with a wide range of chemicals and solvents including:-

 Acetone          Ethyl acetate
 Acetonitrile          Hexane
 Acetic acid (100%)          Hydrochloric Acid
 Diethyl Ether          MIBK
 DMAC          Methanol
 DMF          MTBE
 DMSO          n Heptane
 Ethanol          Ozonated water
 Sodium Hydroxide          THF
 Toluene          Xylene

 Chemical compatibility of filters can be affected by so many process factors (e.g. temperature, exposure time etc). Filters should be pre-tested under users own process conditions using appropriate safety practices in order to confirm compatibility.)

Amazon Filters manufactures a comprehensive range of PED and ATEX compliant filter housings for use with SupaPore Halar cartridges. This range includes the industrial 50 and 60 Series housings and the hygienic 70 Series. We are also able to offer the ClearView housing containing a ‘window’ to allow on-line visual monitoring of the process.

Contact us for further information or to discuss your filter application.

Features + Benefits

  • Broad chemical compatibility with a range of solvents and chemicals at an attractive cost
  • Available with either polypropylene or nylon hardware
  • High flow rates, low pressure drops, long life and low extractables
  • Manufactured under strict control with batch number identification, giving full traceability on all components
  • Materials USP Class VI Plastics tested and meet US FDA Title 21 requirements
  • Full Product Validation Guide available

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