SupaPleat HFC SRP

Sulphate Removal Process (SRP) Membrane Protection

Injection of seawater is often necessary to maintain reservoir pressure and increase the recovery factor in oil production. Sulphate Removal Processes (SRP) are used on water for injection to prevent scaling of the formation caused by sulphates reacting with barium and strontium in the crude oil. Removal of the sulphates will also reduce the risk of reservoir souring. Nano membranes used in the SRP require effective prefiltration to avoid premature fouling and ensure long life for these systems. Amazon Filters Ltd have developed absolute rated SupaPleat HFC SRP cartridges specifically for the Sulphate Removal Process. Their use can maximise membrane life, reduce replacement costs and avoid unexpected interruptions to the process. SupaPleat HFC SRP multi-layered pleated depth filter elements are a further development of our already well proven absolute rated SupaPleat HFC filter.

These high performance cartridges are designed to incorporate multi-layered, built jn prefiltration technology to provide high flow rates combined with long life. The outer layers provide excellent prefiltration and the absolute rated inner layer provides reliable protection of the membrane system downstream. Therefore SupaPleat HFC SRP provides a unique combination of high dirt holding and reliable performance under varying seawater conditions. They are designed to cope better than traditional cartridge filters with seasonal algal blooms and the adverse effects of storms and currents stirring up sediments from the seafloor

SRP membrane suppliers set demanding specifications for the pretreatment of the seawater to be processed. This includes removal of particulates that will foul the membrane prematurely. SupaPleat HFC SRP filters are manufactured to provide absolute ratings and therefore unlike nominal filters  maintain removal efficiency for contaminants throughout the life time of the filter and under varying process conditions. It is typical for nominal filters to suffer reduced removal efficiency or to unload previously retained contaminants after a period of use. This can result in unexpected membrane fouling and interruption to the sulphate removal process and water supply

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Features + Benefits

  • Absolute removal ratings providing consistent and reliable SRP membrane protection throughout the filters life
  • High flow rates minimising system size and floor print
  • Multi-layered structure designed to provide maximum life under varying seawater conditions e.g algal blooming or disturbed sediments
  • Increased void volume giving high flow rates and low initial pressure losses

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