SupaPore TT

SupaPore TT microfiltration cartridges have been specifically designed for use in corrosive gases and liquid processing applications. A naturally highly hydrophobic PTFE membrane and fluoropolymer structure makes this the cartridge of choice where high resistance to aggressive fluids is required.

They are available in a range of absolute pore sizes:
 - 0.05µm
 - 0.10µm
 - 0.20µm
 - 0.45µm
 - 1.0µm

Suitable for most sanitisation regimes including steaming, autoclaving, hot water flush and all common sanitising agents.

Contact us for further information or to discuss your filter application.

Product Features

  • A naturally hydrophobic PTFE membrane
  • FEP/PFA hardware
  • Extremely low flush requirements in high purity applications
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Low protein binding characteristics
  • Materials meet the requirements of 21CFR Part 177 and current USP Plastics Class VI – 121ºC and ISO10993 equivalents
  • Fully integrity testable by bubble point or diffusion flow test
  • Operational temperature up to 150ºC
  • All cartridges are thermally bonded and adhesive free. Each unit is pre flushed with ultra pure water and integrity tested before final assembly.

Features + Benefits

  • Full Fluoropolymer construction results in a cartridge that withstands long term exposure to Ozonated water
  • Validated*1 removal ratings for consistent and reliable performance
  • Capable of high temperature operation for extended periods
  • High chemical resistance to most solvents
  • Very high resistance to most oxidising agents
  • Resistance to virtually all acids and alkalies
  • Full Product Validation Guide available
  • *1 See product guides for further details stating test method and rated efficiencies


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