Oil/Hydrocarbon removal

The removal of trace hydrocarbons from partially processed water prior to discharge can be a challenging and costly exercise. In response to the need for better technology for this application, Amazon Filters has introduced the SupaSorb range of cartridges. SupaSorb cartridges are so effective that they can absorb up to 300% of their dry weight in oil/hydrocarbon. These modules provide economical removal of up to 99% of oil and emulsions and are ideal for use as a polishing step downstream of existing bulk oil removal technologies. Where the contamination level is < 500 mg/l, efficiency is maintained at high flow rates. Therefore they offer a compact solution for oil removal that reduces the environmental impact of oilfield and process industry operations. SupaSorb cartridges are available in the most common standard single and double open-ended formats so can be used in existing filter housings.

Typical Applications

Produced Water – The water released with oil and gas extractions is likely to contain both dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons. SupaSorb cartridges can be used as an end of pipe solution downstream of the primary oil removal process equipment. This will remove residual gas condensate and dissolved and dispersed oil from produced water, enabling it to be discharge directly into the sea or to a watercourse.

Displacement Water
– Water used in down hole operations will be contaminated with hydrocarbons when displaced. The use of SupaSorb cartridges will help meet target discharge levels.

Rig and Tanker Slop Water – Installation ‘run-off’ water produced by operations such as washing and flushing and by rain fall will be contaminated by oil. Run-off water can be treated by SupaSorb cartridges to ensure compliance with overboard discharge limits.

Well Test Water
– Water extracted during well production testing will contain high levels of hydrocarbons. SupaSorb cartridges can be used as a polishing step downstream of primary treatment to ensure discharge limits are met.

Pipeline Purge Water
– SupaSorb cartridges can be used to remove oil from water used to purge pipelines to enable discharging into the environment.

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Product Features

  • SupaSorb absorbs up to 300% dry weight of oil/hydrocarbons
  • Typically absorbs up to 99% of total hydrocarbons in water
  • Proven technology offers effective oil removal at high flow rates thus reducing system size and footprint
  • Easy to install and operate with low capital and operational costs
  • Modular design allows appropriate sizing for all flow rates
  • Compact design means easy disposal of spent cartridges


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