SupaCarb RP/XP

SupaCarb RP/XP filter cartridges feature a rolled felt carbon impregnated media combined with Amazon Filters unique spun bonded particulate removal layers resulting in a genuine dual purpose element.The SupaCarb RP/XP  series offer economy with efficiency for chlorine, odour, colour and trace organic reduction levels.

The construction of SupaCarb RP/XP uses a polyester substrate, unlike many other rolled elements that use a cellulose based support. This minimises the risk of microbiological contamination and allows its use in a wider range of chemical applications because of its better compatibility.

Equipped with 5µm nominal rated spun bonded polypropylene pre-filtration layers and a full range of welded end caps, SupaCarb RP/XP elements are the ideal choice for those requiring activated carbon cartridges. Compared with conventional Granular Activated Carbon cartridges, the SupaCarb RP/XP will not fluidise, channel or bypass, therefore maximising the effectiveness of the carbon media.

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Product Features

  • Multiple layered carbon impregnated polyester felt
  • One piece construction up to 1015mm (40”)
  • Polymer materials meet US FDA Title 21requirements

Features + Benefits

  • Large carbon surface area exhibits excellent chlorine reduction characteristics
  • High surface area ‘XP’ option available
  • Graded density pre-filtration layer for effective sediment removal and protection of the carbon media
  • All polymeric construction offers excellent chemical compatibility and stability in aqueous solutions
  • Minimal carbon release when compared to conventional loose filled granular (GAC) style cartridges
  • Identification embossed on every cartridge
  • Construction eliminates fluidising, channelling or bypass
  • Can be sanitised and steam sterlised


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