Pleated Depth Capsules

SupaPore pleated depth media capsules are fully disposable filter units for small and medium scale liquid and gas processing applications. They are ready-to-use, avoiding the need to purchase or maintain filter housings and are easy to change-out with minimum downtime. The filtration unit is permanently enclosed inside the capsule shell to minimise post-use cleaning and operator exposure to process fluids.

SupaPore capsules are available with pleated polypropylene or Borosilicate Glass microfibre media and offered with a range of inlet/outlet connections to suit most process systems. The filters are supplied in a wide range of lengths from 50mm to 750mm long.

   SupaPore PC Capsules

 - 100% polypropylene construction
 - Absolute removal ratings
 - Wide chemical compatibility

   SupaPore FC Capsules

 - Borosilicate Glass Microfibre media
 - 100% polypropylene hardware
 - Absolute removal ratings
 - Wide chemical compatibility

Contact us for further information or to discuss your filter application.

Product Features

  • Thermally bonded and adhesive free construction
  • Capsules are non-pyrogenic and can be autoclaved
  • Materials meet US FDA CFR Title 21 requirements
  • Available in a range of grades and pore sizes
  • Manufactured in clean room facilities under ISO quality system
  • Features and Benefits

Features + Benefits

  • Fully disposable unit avoids the need to purchase a filter housing
  • Ready to use for easy filter change-out and minimum downtime
  • Enclosed filter unit minimises operator exposure and post-use cleaning
  • Wide range of inlet and outlet connections available so suitable for most process systems
  • All polymer construction
  • Full Product Validation Guide available
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