Variopool Moveable Floors

B+W are a UK distributor for Variopool, an industry leader in moveable swimming pool floor design and manufacturing and installation.

One of the specific trademarks of a Variopool movable floor is its floating system. The system consists of stainless steel and/or plastic parts and can be configured at the required depth using cables, which are fully equipped to withstand long-term submersion in pool water and can handle a heavy load. Variopool installers work exclusively with high-quality materials so as to ensure that the system has a lifecycle of over twenty years.

The Variopool movable pool floors meet the highest quality standards, also in terms of hygiene. Grids on the pool floor surface guarantee continuous water circulation. The motor of the system is located outside the pool, making it impossible for hydraulic oil to pollute the water. Moreover, the movable floor is equipped with hatches that provide access to divers and cleaning robots for maintenance and cleaning the floor and the space under the movable floor.

A movable floor or bulkhead increases the flexibility and functionality of any competition, hydrotherapy, public or private pool as it allows one single pool tank to accommodate several activities simultaneously or at varying depths.

Other products included within the Variopool range include:

  • Moveable floors
  • Submersible booms
  • Moveable platform (disabled access)
  • Sliding flaps

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