Myrtha Pools

Myrtha pools are an engineered solution to the challenge of providing high quality pool installations with the minimum lead time.

B+W are an approved UK supplier and installation contractor for Myrtha® stainless steel swimming pools.

Myrtha pools have been approved for competition by F.I.N.A. (Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur) and are recommended to the swimming federation of Europe by LEN (Ligue Europeene de Natation).

The exclusive Myrtha® solution consists of using a stainless steel wall structure where static and dynamic strength is required, and a concrete base where a simple flat floor surface is required. 
The pool walls have a permanently laminated hard PVC membrane bonded to the steel panel to ensure longevity and perfect waterproofing.
This special grade PVC is resistant to UV and the aggressive pool water. It has a soft finish and is easy to clean and carries the guarantee of a maintenance free lifetime.

The Myrtha pool structure may follow any shape to comply with the most complex architectural design.

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