Filtration + Water Treatment


B+W provide filtration systems designed to suit projected bather loads.
Medium or low rate sand filters in stainless steel, mild steel or GRP form the back bone of the filtration plant.

Automatic backwashing of the filters offers an added refinement.


Standard primary disinfection of the pool water is achieved using a chlorine donor, most commonly sodium or calcium hypochlorite.

For high bather loads and to improve the swimming pools environment, this may be supplemented by Ultra Violet or Ozone.

As well as improving the quality of the water, these additional treatments have the added benefit of allowing the standard primary chlorine system to operate at a lower set point, thereby reducing the amount of chemicals in the pool.


The circulation system including pumps, pipework and pool fittings are all designed to suit the plant flow and ensure quality treated water is delivered efficiently to all areas of the pool.

PLC Controls

Sophisticated microprocessor control systems provide precise monitoring and control to create improved quality of water.

All B+W filtration and water treatment plants are installed and commissioned by our own highly trained in-house installation team.

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