Term Maintenance Agreements

B+W offers you a tailored, high quality service and maintenance arrangement that will help your installation stay clear of breakdowns and minimise the risk of any water contamination, which can lead to extended plant downtime and the consequent loss of both revenue and reputation at a clients facility.

Our highly trained engineers operate within the UK and throughout our pool and spa facilities worldwide, ensuring that you are happy with both the standards of our initial installation,  and continue to be happy for many years to come.

In addition to our tailored Term Maintenance Agreements, which can run from one to 20 years.

Contact us for assistance with your maintenance requirements.

Services offered include:

  • 24/7 emergency call-out (by arrangement)
  • Telephone support and advice service
  • Staff training service
  • Ozone generator service and inspection
  • Pool inspection and dye testing
  • Water quality monitoring


  • Filter plant inspection
  • Ozone generator inspection & service
  • UV inspection & servicing
  • PLC inspection & servicing
  • Wave generator installation & servicing
  • Water & Waste Water treatment plant installation & servicing
  • All spares supplied and fitted
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